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Table of Contents
i. Preface
ii. Introduction
1. Loading and Saving Files
2. Controlling the 3D Display
3. Customizing the 3D Display
4. Scene Functions
5. Object Functions
6. Options

A. Supported File Types
B. Command Line Reference
C. quick3D Object and Scene File Format Specification

i. Preface
This software manual applies to the following products:

    ·  quick3D Professional 4.0
    ·  quick3D Geometry 4.0
    ·  quick3D Viewer 4.0

Product specific information is noted throughout the guide.

ii. Introduction
The family of quick3D products are powerful tools that provide intuitive interfaces for viewing, converting/translating, organizing, and data manipulation of your 3D files.   You can view files of almost any 3D format, and manipulate them in 3D space using quick3D's real-time rendering engine.   quick3D's interface supplies content export, visualization options, heads-up display props, and low-level data processing.   All quick3D software is small, memory efficient, and fast.

quick3D Professional and Geometry provide advanced 3D file format translation features.   The Professional edition also includes a command-line interface for task automation and scripting.

This manual describes the features and functions available in the current versions of quick3D and how to use them.   It is organized into chapters containing related operations and methods.   In general, each chapter explains the items from one of quick3D's menus.   The Appendices detail supported file formats, technical information for developers, and quick3D's command line interface commands.

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