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Table of Contents
i. Preface
ii. Introduction
1. Loading and Saving Files
2. Controlling the 3D Display
3. Customizing the 3D Display
4. Scene Functions
5. Object Functions
6. Options

A. Supported File Types
B. Command Line Reference
C. quick3D Object and Scene File Format Specification

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6. Options
This chapter outlines quick3D's options, which are all accessible from the Options menu item. Each option is discussed below.

6.1 - Texture Options
Texture Quality
This sub-menu of Options allows you to change the visual quality of any texture maps used by the model. This does not affect the quality of the background texture (see Chapter 4.1 for information on adjusting the quality of the background texture).
6.2 - Snapshot Options
Snapshot Size
From this sub-menu, you can adjust the relative snapshot window size.

6.3 - Mouse Options
Mouse Mode
This sub-menu allows you to select between the two mouse modes, Rotate Mode and Fly Mode (see Chapter 2.1 for more information on these modes).

Pivot Point
This sub-menu allows you to select what point the model should rotate about (See Chapter 2.2 for more information on changing the pivot point).

Zoom Dependent Rotation Speed
This option toggles zoom dependant rotation speed (see Chapter 2.1).

Spin (Hands-Free Rotation)
This option toggles the automatic spin mode (see Chapter 2.3).
6.4 - Windowing Options
quick3D Always On Top
When this option is enabled, the quick3D window always remains the top most window, even if it is not the current window. This can be useful if you would like to work in another application, but always be able to see and use the quick3D window.

Dockable Windows
This option makes it so that quick3D's sub windows, the file browser window and the 3D file info window, "dock" onto the sides of the main quick3D window. When windows are docked, they will stay attached when you move the main quick3D window around.
6.4 - Retaining Options and Settings
Save All Settings
Selecting this option will save all the current settings and options for the next time you use the program. This includes application options, as well the current window position and size.

Save Settings On Exit
When this option is checked, the current set of options and settings will automatically be saved when the program is exited.
6.5 - Shell Options
Configuration Wizard...
This option starts the same wizard that was displayed the very first time you started quick3D. This wizard allows you to change what file types are associated with quick3D, and set other shell options.

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