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quick3D Frequently Asked Questions




What is quick3D?
The quick3D family of software products are powerful programs that provide an intuitive interface for viewing, converting, organizing, and applying operations to your 3D files.   You can load a file in almost any 3D format, and manipulate it in 3D space using quick3D's real-time rendering engine.   Scene display options are all just a few mouse clicks away.   Other features allow for exporting the model in almost any 3D file format, image file format, or as an HTML page with preview pictures.   A full-featured command-line interface is included to automate tasks, or to use quick3D as part of a batch process.   quick3D is small, memory efficient, and fast.

What is the difference between the three quick3D products?
All quick3D products include expansive 3D file format support, content creation features, data manipulation, blazing fast speed, and software auto-update.   The difference between them is as follows:
  quick3D Professional
    This is our flagship product.  It supports the full range of 3D file formats, major and obscure, and can freely convert among them. Translations include geometry, materials, textures, and animation*. quick3D Professional also includes advanced features, such as a command-line interface for scripting and automation.
  quick3D Geometry
    Supports viewing for the full range of 3D file formats, as well as geometry conversion for all but the most obscure formats.
  quick3D Viewer
    The ultimate 3D file viewing utility. This time-saving program supports viewing for the full range of file formats.

How do I convert 3D files into other formats with quick3D?
quick3D Professional and quick3D Geometry both have 3D file format translation features that are as easy to use as selecting Save... from the File menu.   Please refer to the User's Guide for more information on converting files.

Is it possible to use quick3D to view models directly from web pages?
Yes! Just configure your browser to use your quick3d.exe file as the default program for 3D file types. Browser specific instructions will be posted here soon.

When I try to start quick3D, I get an error about OPENGL32.DLL, what's that?
Most likely you are using Windows 95 and do not have OpenGL installed (it is built into more recent versions of Windows).   More information on OpenGL can be found at http://www.opengl.org.

quick3D doesn't work with a certain file, what can I do?
Possible causes for this are a non-standard entry in the file you are trying to load, a corrupt file, or a bug in quick3D. For the first two cases, please make sure your source of the model is reliable. In any case, please e-mail us the file that is causing the problem, and we will get right to work on finding out why it causes a problem for quick3D.

What is the format of the .q3o and .q3s files?
The specification for .q3o and .q3s files is in the quick3D User's Guide Appendix C.

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