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Press Release
quick3D 3.0 Released, the Latest Version of the quick3D Universal 3D File Format Viewer and Converter.
Costa Mesa, June 1, 2001 - Today marks the next release of the 3D file format software and technology, quick3D 3.0. Continuing with a tradition of efficient and extremely fast software, this version introduces advanced features currently unavailable in the 3D software market. In addition to the long awaited 3D file format conversion and command-line interface features, version 3.0 provides an intuitive interface for processing file data including scale, texture maps, surface properties, and other details. The real-time rendering engine has also been improved for an even faster frame rate, higher display quality, and ease of use.
The ability to freely convert between the various major and minor 3D file formats with extremely high accuracy is quick3D 3.0's most anticipated new feature. Twenty of the most important file formats in today's market are now supported for import and export. While most 3D converters on the market often obscure and alter important data during a conversion, quick3D 3.0 creates output that represents the original file as accurately as is possible within the constraints of the destination file format. Low-level control over a file's data and properties are provided through menu commands, or can be automated using the command-line interface. Included are tools for changing a file's scale, vertex normals, texture maps, and surface properties, among others.
This version also introduces a command-line based user interface, which allows users to bypass the regular graphical interface. This is ideal for users working in a command-line operating environment, as well as for scripting 3D conversions and related tasks in an automated system.
Product support has been improved with the addition of an auto-update system. Now users can be confident that they will always be using the latest and greatest version of the software. quick3D developers have also been known to add full support for additional file formats based on a single user's request. quick3D's design and development has always been user driven.
In addition to the release of the new software version, improved forms of quick3D's base file formats have been released to the public. In doing so, users of quick3D are guaranteed access to a generalized 3D format, regardless of the mix of formats used for authoring and modeling. A specification of this format can be found at the quick3D web site, enabling developers to use the file formats in their own programs.
There are two versions of quick3D available, the free quick3D 3.0 Viewer and the $189.00 full version of quick3D 3.0. These two products are exactly the same, except that quick3D 3.0 Viewer does not have export features and does not have a command-line interface. Download and order information can be found at the official quick3D web site: www.quick3D.com. Alternatively, you can use this contact form to submit any inquiries.

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